Thank You Homeowners for your continued support and encouragement
in support of rebuilding our community pool. 
Our Homeowners “OVERWELMINGLY” voted “YES” yet we did not meet
the 60% quorum needed for first 2017 package vote.
As per our By-Laws and CC&R’s, the second 2017 package vote now needs
a 30% approval and is in your mail box.
PLEASE VOTE AND MAIL YOUR “BALLOT” back to Vantage one more time.
Follow this link for update: 30% 2017 Pool Package
Print if you like and Vantage envelopes are provided on community
information board at entrance to Clubhouse parking lot.
PLEASE VOTE AND MAIL YOUR “BALLOT” back to Vantage one more time.

Cedar Flier

 HOA BBQ 2017 copy

  • Upcoming Sunwood Lakes Board Elections – There are 3 Board positions open for elections every year.  Please submit a brief bio that will be mailed out with the ballot to homeowners by May 10th if you are interested serving on the Board.   The election will be finalized at the annual Homeowners Meeting, June 24th following the Annual Picnic at the Clubhouse.  The bio needs to be submitted by email to: sunwoodlakes@gmail.com no later than May 10th.  Thank you.
  • May 11th Board Meeting-Thursday @ 6:30 PM
  • May 13th Saturday-Fishing Derby
  • May 22nd thru June 1st-Monday thru the following Thursday, Clubhouse Parking Lot & Driveway “CLOSED” for prep and work.
  • June 8th Board Meeting-Thursday @ 6:30 PM