NOTE: Change in Water Management Service

Washington Water Service is the company that has been managing the SWL community water system for many years through a Management Agreement with SWL HOA.

On December 2nd the SWL HOA Board received a letter from Washington Water Service informing us that the company had decided to focus on water systems that it owns.   Therefore, they were providing notice of intent to terminate their water service agreement with SWL effective February 28, 2018.  The company also indicated it would be open to discussing a potential sale of the SWL water system to Washington Water Service if SWL wished to consider that option.  WA Water Services certified letter 12-2-17.

Immediately the Board began the process of identifying other companies that have the expertise and willingness to manage the SWL water system.  Two companies have made visits to evaluate the water system (wells, pumps, storage towers, etc.) and to discuss the services that SWL would want to include in a water services agreement.  A third company is expected to conduct an evaluation of the water system in the first week of January.

Washington Water Service has supported the SWL Board in identifying potential companies and in providing information needed for a smooth transition to a new water system management company.

The Board is not exploring the option of selling the SWL water system at this time.  Article V, section 1(e) of the SWL HOA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) requires 2/3rds of SWL entire voting members have to agree in order to transfer any part of the common areas to a new party.

Information about the Washington State Department of Health requirements for community water systems can be found at:  www.doh.wa.gov/communityandenvironment/drinkingwater

The Board of Directors


Sunwood Lakes is a NO HUNTING & NO SHOOTING area.

A BIG THANK YOU to Nathanael Cheney and his helpers for the restoration, laying of bark and marking of the two trails (one at the end of Tern and Siskin and another at the end of Auklet and Egret).  This was part of his completion of his Eagle Scout award for Boy Scouts of America.  Thank you again…we really appreciate all of your hard work today.

Thank you for bringing the non-perishable food items to our annual Christmas party…the Fire District # 6 crew (and Santa) were VERY appreciative…



Board Meeting Thursday, January 11, 2018
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SWL Pool Update : (Click on blue links for documents)
POOL CLOSED…Re-plastering finished.


Lots of hard work …

pool clean up July 2017

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