SWL-HOA Phone: 360-628-7506

Address: 8005-1 Thru Lake Circle SE, Olympia, WA 98513


OPENS MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!  Opens Friday, May 26th @ noon through 9:00 pm (see pool attendants for schedule).

The temperature is comfortable enough to enjoy rain or shine.

 Membership, Guests Admittance

  1. Access to the pool is contingent upon SWL HOA membership assessments being “PAID IN FULL.”
  2. A member is a property owner, and their immediate family members who reside at the same address and whose membership dues are “Paid in Full.” Property must be legally recorded in the member’s name and proof of ownership must on record in the Sunwood Lakes/Vantage office.
  3. A member is allowed two guests and must be present while their guests are at the swimming pool
    (if the pool is not crowded more guests may attend with the member).
  4. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests. Any property damage caused by their guests is the responsibility of the member.
  5. Landlords must provide names and addresses of their tenants before tenants can use the pool.
  6. A responsible adult, 18 years +, must accompany any child under age 13.

Note: Any child under 13, who is being supervised by an adult not living in their residence, must have written permission from their parent stating such person has full responsibility for the child while at the pool.

  1. Admission shall be refused to persons having infectious, communicable diseases, inflamed eyes, colds, nasal or ear discharge, intoxication, excessive sunburn or open sores of any kind.
  2. No pets except service dogs are allowed in the swimming pool area.
  3. No wheeled vehicles except wheelchairs, walkers (medical equipment) or baby strollers are allowed in the pool area.
  4. Pool Attendants and the Board reserves the right to refuse pool access to any individual.

Swimming Rules

  1. There are no alcoholic beverages allowed in the pool vicinity. No Smoking within the fenced pool area.
  2. The pool attendant must approve recreational pool equipment.
  3. No person may enter the pool area in an intoxicated condition.
  4. Diving from the poolside is allowed only where water depth is six (6) feet or more.
  5. The pool may not be reserved for private parties.
  6. Showers are required before entering the pool. No tanning oil is allowed in the pool (it collects filth and gums up the filtering system.).
  7. No running, pushing, scuffling, splashing or rough play is permitted in the pool area.
  8. Glass containers of any kind are prohibited in the pool area. (Water only in pool area)
  9. Food and Drinks must be kept in designated area outside the fenced pool area..
  10. Swimming suits and swim wear only in the pool. Cut-offs, gym shorts, tee shirts or other street clothing is prohibited.
    Babies must wear swim diapers approved by the pool attendant.
  11. Voices shall be kept at normal conversation levels. No cursing or fighting allowed.
  12. Radios, tape players, etc. must be used with headphones.
  13. The gates to the pool are to remain closed at all times and are not to be propped open or otherwise left unsecured.
  14. Do not open the pool gates to let in unsupervised children or guests.
  15. All bobby pins, hairpins and other such items that can clog the filtering system are to be removed before entering the pool. Hair ties must be worn.
  16. Children unable to swim, using life preservers, kick boards, water wings, or other flotation devices, must be accompanied by an adult or responsible person.
  17. The swimming pool may have to be closed or its use limited at times at the discretion of the swimming pool manager (This is usually due to chemical imbalance/PH, weather or someone getting sick in the pool.).


  1. The swimming pool manager or any attendant has the responsibility to strictly enforce the rules and has the authority to temporarily bar any member or guest from the swimming pool facility and area.
  2. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s action in the swimming pool area and facility and should instruct their children to observe all the rules, to obey instructions given by the manager/attendant.
  3. Situations not specifically covered by these rules shall be handled at the pool manager/attendants discretion.
  4. The swimming pool attendant has been granted discretionary power to enforce these regulations. Any person who has difficulties with the rules should contact the Board of Directors or CPO/Pool Manager. Call 360.628.7506.
  5. The Board of Directors reserves the right to restrict usage of the pool for violations of these regulations.

Rules Revised and adopted 4/15/2012

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