Clubhouse Rental/Calendar

Currently, your SWL-HOA has 12 tables (30″X 72″)
2 tables (24″X 24″) and 70 folding chairs.

NOTE: Currently due to COVID 19 clubhouse rentals are required to meet certain requirements. 

Rentals are subject to State and County restrictions which are constantly changing. Available for rental beginning July 6th 2020.


For Clubhouse Costs, Rental Form and Instructions Download The PDF Above

To submit the clubhouse reservation application –
(1) mail to the Board at the following address or
(2) drop into the mailbox next to the door at the Clubhouse.
(3) Questions – Phone: 360.628.7506

Sunwood Lakes Clubhouse Rental
8005-1 Thru Lake Circle SE,
Olympia, WA 98513


Event Fee and Security Deposit Fee must be paid at time of reservation request. Two separate checks made out to Sunwood Lakes Homeowners Association (SLHA) is required.   The Event Fee Check will be deposited immediately. The Security Deposit Fee is refundable and will be shredded or returned after the event if there is no damage, no missing items and clean-up is complete. (If you wish your deposit to be returned, please provide a self-address stamped envelope).

Key Pickup

Key must be picked up prior to the day of the event.  If your event is held on the weekend, the key will need to be picked up by the “Thursday” prior.  The key must be picked up by 5:00 pm by the responsible party (adult).  Please call (360) 628-7506 to make key arrangements.  The individual responsible for the reservation agreement needs to be on sight during the event with the key.  Pictures below of rooms (click on picture to enlarge).

SWL-HOA Phone: 360-628-7506

Address: 8005-1 Thru Lake Circle SE, Olympia, WA 98513